Konjac restaurant in Yamagata

I went to Yamagata by the Shinkansen(bullet train).

There is a konjac(devil’s-tongue plant) dish used as a  course in a traditional Japanese meal in Yamaga prefecture.
This is the entrance to the restaurant I went to.

These are the konjac dishes that I ate.

All the dishes use konjac root which looks like this.

I was amazed that all the dishes could be made from this root.

Even a pudding.

Konjac is very healthy and has low calories.

The view from the restaurant was beautiful because it had snowed.

The restaurant was decorated for new year.

They have an Irori(traditional open fire for cooking).

We enjoyed eating konjac dango which is soul food in Yamagata.

Mt. Fuji Shiraito Waterfalls

My sister in Law and her friends went to Japan for the first time. They asked to see Mt. Fuji, so I booked the inn in Fujinomiya.

We took the bullet train called Shinkansen.

It was the first time to take Shinkansen for them and I wanted them to have bento.

That night, I booked a Teppan-yaki restaurant to have Yakisoba.

Fujinomiya is famous for Yakisoga. They loved Yakisoba very much.

Next morning, we could see Mt. Fuji near Fujinomiya station.

Mr. Takahiro Yahagi gave us a lift to Mt. Fuji.

We were excited to see the top of Mt. Fuji.

We stood among the clouds.

We could see Sagami Bay.

Mr. Yahagi took us to see the waterfalls.

Shiraito Waterfalls

Otodome Waterfall

We could see Mt. Fuji from the weterfalls.

The Wasabi(Japanese Horseradish) is sold there. Near Mt. Fuji is famouse for growing Wasabi.

On the way from the waterwalls to Fujinomiya, there is a roundabout.

Here is the first roundabout in Japan!