Logo for the University of Cambridge

I am happy to announce that University of Cambridge are using my work for their logo.


Fried Chichen

On christmas day, Japanese eat fried chichen.
I am not liar, but British people do not believe me.

Here is the recipe of fried chichen with Japanese Liquid Shio Koji.
You can cook jucy and soft fried chichen without pressure cooker.


500g Chickin wings  (I bought at Waitrose)
2tbsp Japanese Liquid Shio Koji (You can buy in London)
1/2tbsp Thyme
1/2tbsp Basil
1/3tbsp Oregano
1tbsp Celery salt
1/2tbsp Black pepper
1tbsp White pepper
1tbsp Dried mustard
3tbsp Paprika
2tbsp Garlic granules
1tbsp Ground ginger
1cup Corn starch

Tsubaki Kendo Club – Sports Relief

I attended Tsubaki Kendo Club on Sunday and they were collecting for sports relief I promised I would practice Kendo with the teacher’s son.
I enjoyed the practice and hope to go again.