Japan Day in SOAS

I ran a Japanese Calligraphy workshop in SOAS.

The workshop was for sixth form students who are interested in studying Japanese.

The students could attend any workshop they wanted to, Manga, Japanese painting etc.

I was happy to run three classes.


I showed my Japanese Calligraphy items; brushes from Hiroshima, Ink chalk from Nara, Ink tank from Wakayama and paper from Tottori.

The students were interested in  the items.

They learned how to write with a blush.

They wrote good letters and seemed happy.

Their teachers took a photo and they were all happy.


I hope that they will take the chance to study Japanese and learn Japanese culture.

Graduate Summer School in Japanese Early-modern Palaeography

I had a series of lectures at Emmanuel college; university of Cambridge in the class of fourth Graduate Summer School in Japanese Early-modern Palaeography.

This was the third series of lectures for me at the summer school, but it was the first time I helped to put a Kimono on a lady! and this was more difficult for me.

There were 28 trainees from ten countries.

One of the trainees from Japan had to return half way through the curriculum, he said that he enjoyed the time he spent with us.

On a free day, we went sightseeing in Cambridge.

King’s College

Queens’ College

River Cam

We wanted to see “Newton’s Apple Tree”, so we asked at the information centre.

I enjoyed my expearience in Cambridge.
I was offered an opportunity to lecture next year.