Japan Day at Emmanuel College

I run a Japanese Calligraphy workshop at Emmanuel College; the University of Cambridge.

I was happy to do it in Harrods room as I had lectured there before, it had happy memories.

I took the paper that was made in Mino and gave it to the college to use in the Summer Seminar. It was a present from Mino city.

I showed them some decorative paper from Mino too.

The students were interested in Japanese Calligraphy items and looked as though they enjoyed to practice Calligraphy there.

Jodo Grade Exam in Tokyo

My English friends went to Japan to take a Jodo grade exam in Tokyo.

I went to there by train and changed the line at the Takao station to arrive at Hazama station.

I could see Japanese teacher and friends from U.K. and Australia.

Then I went to Chuo University for a lecture.
First I went to the restaurant in the university; Hill Top.

I really wanted to have lunch in Hill Top.

The system is to buy a ticket, then go to the counter.

I ate the meal, it was less than five pounds!

On the wall,  I could see many information.

I really enjoyed to see the calligraphy.

Toyohashi in Aichi

I went to Toyohashi in Aichi prifecture.

Tezutsu Hanabi; Hand held  fireworks were first made in Toyohashi.

Toyohashi is also well known for maiking brushes for calligraphy.

I visited the calligraphy shop on Tokaido.

But the shop was closed…

I should go to Toyohashi again.

Back to the station, I saw a beautiful sign.

On this Japan trip, I took Shinkansen for the last time.