Clifton Suspension Bridge

There is a famous suspension bridge in Bristol.

I saw the Clifton Suspension Bridge from near by  park.

It is not only beautiful, I was suprised to see how high it was a above the river.



When crossing the bridge, the driver must pay a toll, but pedestrians go free.



I walked over the bridge, and visited the bridge exhibition.





I learned how difficult it was to build.

Slimbridge Wetland Centre

I went to WWT Slimbridge Wetland Centre.







I have visited before but I did not know there are cranes.








I woudered if that the cranes were the Red-crowned crane same as in Japan?

I saw the sign, it says ‘Grus Japonensis’.

Near the cranes enclouser, some people were excited, they did not see the cranes.
They were looking

at otters.








There are European cranes too.






There are many kinds of birds in Slimbridge Wetland Centre.




























I am looking forward to go back to see cranes again.

Cosmos atrosanguineus – Chocolate Cosmos

I like to go to Wakehurst Place as I can entre by my Kew member’s card.

It is August but wind is cool.
In the garden we can see Autumn colour.








I had visited Wakehurst Place some times but I did not notice that there is a dark red coulour cosmos.

A few people smelled the cosmos and said something.
I was interested in and tried
get a smell.


Sweet… something.

I checked the name of cosmos.

Cosmos atrosanguineus

I checked the name in my dictionary;

Cocolete Cosmos

Yes, the smell is exactly

Chocolate !!!


I like Wakehurst Place more and more.