Shuttleworth Collection Edwardian Pageant 2017

I went to Shuttleworth Collection on 6th August.

The event was an Edwardian Pageant.










Many people wore Edwardian fasion cloth.

There were many vintage cars.
















And bicysles too.










I enjoyed a ride on a vintage bus.






























Flying event started in the afternoon.

Vintage planes and birds

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Finally Red Arrows gave a woderful display to finish.

Red arrows display

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Uxbridge Autoshow

The Uxbridge Autoshow is run by the  Rotary Club of Uxbridge.

It is an outside family fun event.






There are attractions for children.








The girl rode on the fire car.




There are eating space.

Enjoy and Relaxing.




















I am not keen on cars, but I was interested to see many kinds of cars.




















I enjoyed to see the motorbike acrobatic show.

Alice’s Day in Oxford

The first Saturday of July is Alice’s day.

In Oxford, we can see a Alice’s caractors.

In front of Alice’s shop.

The gate of the story museum

Tea party with Alice

The photos of Alice’s Day on 150th anniversary.

I would like to go to Alice’s day again and again.