Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle also called the White Heron is a world tresure.

This year is the 25th anniversary of becoming a world tresure.

I was asked to visit a Japanese Castle during my orignal Japanese tour, so I decided to take the English people to Himeji Castle.

The castle is not far from Himeji station.

When we left the station, we could see the castle.

Then we walked there. The castle was directly ahead.

I think, foreign people do not need a guide. My group did not need me.

Anyway I enjoyed to see around by myself.

We entered the castle.

View from inside the castle

The top most floor

We could see Himeji Station.

There is no lift or escalator, the corridor is narrow. It was an adventure.

We entered Nishi-no-maru too. There are long corridors.

My British tour members looked like they enjoyed the visit to Himeji Castle.
I recommend going to Himeji Castle for sightseeng. You can go there easily and there are a lot of guides who can speak foreign languages.

Ueyama Inn at Shioda Hot Spring

My British friend recommended that we stay at Ueyma Inn.
He got the information from the website and he stayed there.

Our group(five Britih people and I) took the Inn’s bus from Himeji Station.

Ueyama Inn has a natural hot spring named Shioda.
They have an outside bath.

We enjoyed the hot spring.

At the dinner, we ate with a Canadian man who was alone.
We chatted about touring Japan.

The dinner

After the dinner, the inn offered us a rest at the Irori space with Japanese tea and dryed potato.

We had a relaxing time and enjoyed baking dryed potato.

The inn offered a traditional Japanese breakfast.

They have a special porridge boiled only with water from the hot spring.

They show the picture, so the British people can understand what is the dish.

Ueyama inn’s location is very beautiful.

There was a good view from the room.

One of our group’s room had a massage chair.
They were excited to try it.

I agree with my friend the staff were very kind and helpful.
We would like to visit again.

Kintai Bridge Iwakuni

There is a wooden traditional bridge in Iwakuni, Yamaguchi prefecture next to Hiroshima prefecture.

I took five British people to Iwakuni from Hiroshima for a visit.

I wanted to show the bridge like a Ukiyoe picture.

Many foreigners go to Kyoto, Nara and Hiroshima. But Iwakuni is not visited often.

I went to Iwakuni on my students day with our professor, we enjoyed to see Ukai(鵜飼), cormorant fishing.
There were boats for Ukai, but it was not the season.

Iwakuni is not far from Hiroshima, so I asked if they wanted to go and rest there and enjoy the hot spring.
I booked the Iwakuni International Hotel which my friend recommend to me.

The hotel is near the bridge and they have a nice hot spring and you can see the bridge and castle from it.

Yes, there is a castle in Iwakuni.

We enjoyed to go back in time to stay in the Edo era.

Iwakuni International hotel was kind to us. We stayed Momiji-Sanso which is an suite and is nearest the hot spring.

The staff can speak English very well. They came to our room and demonstrated how to put on Yukata which is a casual Kimono.

We could eat dinner in our own room at a European style table and chair so British people could relax.
The dinner,

It is a traditional Iwakuni Sushi.

This is a baked fish and louts root. Normal louts root has 8 holes, but Iwakuni’s has 9 holes.

There was a big surprise for me that one British lady decided to take a hot spring at the hotel because of the kind staff heiping.
She said ‘I will never take a hot spring in Japan.’ and she has not gone to a hot spring before. So I was really surprised to see her in the changing room.

The staff said to me “The British lady came to see inside, then I said `Would you try?'”. I thank the staff.

Finally my tour members all enjoyed hot spring in Iwakuni.

The breakfast

Of course rice, miso soup and hot drinks.

We went to see Kintai bridge again and crossed over it.
The staff recommend to me to visit the snake museum and look under the bridge.

There is a snake museum.

Just 20 days previously the prince and princes came to the museum.

Inside the museum

White snakes

I saw the bridge from underneath as the hotel staff advised.

There is a cherry tree that is used to check if the cherry blossom in the area is blooming.

I would like to thank the Iwakuni International Hotel.
They gave us a lift by bus when we arrived and when we left.
I could have a relaxing time for the first time in this tour.

I recommend staying at the hotel to all tourists.
I hope to come with my foreign friends from the UK again.