Chuo University’s Biscuit

I was given the biscuit by the Prof. of Chuo University.

We had a meeting 2 years ago in Tokyo, and we promised to see each other in London.
I am very happy to get the biscuits!

Thanks to Chuo University and Colombin conpany.


Save the Okara(Soy Bean Mash) 

Okara is the soy bean mash that is left after soy milk is extracted. It is very nutritional and healthy to eat. In the UK people do not eat it, but In Japan the mashed beans are called okara and are used in many recipes.

I cooked Okara Croquet.

I was told that even companies that make tofu do not use it instead they pay for it to be disposed of strange!

I hope British people will eat Okara for their health.


Vegetable seeds

I got Vegetable seeds in Wisley.


Pac Choi, Burdock Japanese, Perilla Green, Perilla Red, Chinese Cabbage(Yuki F1),Turnip(Tokyo Cross F1), Radish(White Icicle),
Onion(Ishikura), Chinese Chives(Garlic Chives), Mustard Spinach(Komatsuna Torasan), Choy Sum, Mizuna(Kyoto), Chopsuey Greens(Shungiku), Soya Bean(Elena)

I am very happy to buy them in the UK.