The Anchor and Pyrford Lock

I visited the RHS Garden Wisley.

There are many statues.

Everybody enjoyed the garden.

On the way home from the garden, we had lunch at the pub; The Anchor.

I saw a boat that had stopped and went backward.

Then I looked to the opposite side.

There is Pyrford Lock.

The boat was waiting for another one coming out of the lock.

The pub has many customers with dogs.

Dog’s Ice cream.

The dogs enjoyed the pub too.

Jodo Grade Exam in Tokyo

My English friends went to Japan to take a Jodo grade exam in Tokyo.

I went to there by train and changed the line at the Takao station to arrive at Hazama station.

I could see Japanese teacher and friends from U.K. and Australia.

Then I went to Chuo University for a lecture.
First I went to the restaurant in the university; Hill Top.

I really wanted to have lunch in Hill Top.

The system is to buy a ticket, then go to the counter.

I ate the meal, it was less than five pounds!

On the wall,  I could see many information.

I really enjoyed to see the calligraphy.