Night Time in Kobe

The professor of Konan University took me to a Yakitori restaurant.

元祖やき鳥 八榮亭上店

The Yakitori  sauce is over 100 years old!

The lady bakes chichen.

First, I ate the skin. It was lovely.

Then, I ate the meat, and it was really tasty!

I drank Kasu-jiru.

Of course, I drank the Masu-zake(Sake;Race wine)

Next, he took me to the Bar Le Bateau.

She made me a non alcohol drink.

Finally, he took me to a British Pub.

The name of the Pub is Harbour Tavern.

Their menu is below.

It felt like I was back in the UK, but I noticed baseball shirts above the bar.

Nishiarai Daishi Soji-ji Temple

In Japan we have a custum of visiting shrines and temples at the beginning of the year.
I visited Nishiarai Daishi Soji-ji Temple on the 1st January.

This is a very popular place.
Police officers organised a queue for entry.

The mascot is for Tokyo Metropolitan Police.

There are many stalls.

The restaurant is the location of the famous film;Shoplifters near there.

At the shopping mall in Nishiarai, I saw them.

I hope to be lucky this year.

Egami Cooking School in Tokyo

I visited Egami Cooking School in Tokyo and bought the recipe book that my teachers;Mrs Eiko Egami and Mrs Kanami Egami wrote. Mrs Kanami is Mrs Eiko’s daughter.

The school’s head teacher sighed my book.

She is Mrs Eiko Egami.

She taught me how to cook.

I use some of her recipe books in London, and have improved my cooking.

When I visited the school, I saw my teacher; Ms Kouduki.

I attended her basic classes, this is a notebook of her Japanese cooking class.

She is from Hokkaido, I tried to sketch a map of Hokkaido 🙂

I showed her the website;Yukiko’s Kitchen this is my friend’s site.
Ms Kouduki looked happy to see this.

Egami Cooking school was founded by Mrs Tomi Egami who lived in London.
She is a bit like Mary Berry one of the first ladies to demonstrate cooking on Japanese TV.

My grandmother had classes with Mrs Tomi Egami, my mother had classes with Mrs Eiko Egami then I had classes with Mrs Eiko Egami and Mrs Kanami Egami.
So I started to practice cooking there.