Inshuu-Washi ; Traditional Handmade Japanese Paper

Aoya city in Tottori prefecture is famous for traditional handmade Japanese paper.
There is about thirty minites from Tottori staion by JR train.
I saw Mr Taniguchi he is a paper maker, he guided me around Aoya.

On the 4th June, there is a local festival.





His friends orgnized the making of a handmade fan made using the Japanese paper.






Mr Taniguchi helped me to make my owm fan.






My next visit was to “Aoya Washi Kobo” .









It is a museum for traditional handmade Japanese paper.
We can see and learn how to make it.

After visiting the “Aoya Washi Kobo”, Mr Taniguchi took me to his home.

“The well’s water comes from that mountain,so we can make a nice paper here.” he says.








His mom; Mrs Taniguchi is also paper maker, her job is to iron the paper.







Her work is quick and efficent.

It may look easy… BUT!!!
They charenged me to iron the paper.
OK, I will try..,I said.









They said,”You should try again!”





It is HARD and DIFFICULT !!!
The ironing board is very HOT !
You need to practice for a long time to master the technique.

Here is my Inshu Washi for calligraphy.
I bought it in Tokyo.
The price is six hundreds yen for forty sheets.

Europein people think that Inshu Washi is too expencive.

I was asked to use newspaper for calligraphy in the UK.

But I would not use newspaper for Japanese Calligraphy.

I want to use Japanese traditional paper for calligraphy because it has the paper maker’s spirits.

Many thanks to Mr and Mrs Taniguchi and his friends in Aoya.

Nihon Shodo-In ; The Japan Calligraphy Institute

I visited the Nihon Shodo-In ; The Japan Calligraphy Institute in Ueno.


As I must renew my membership.
The Institute supports me and helps me to get text and advices me about books.
I got advice about where to find books near Tokyo Station.
I found books there and was also inpressed by the sight of the station.






I was happy to recieve beautiful peper weights from Nihon Shodo-in.

Nara City Museum of Calligraphy in Honour of Kason Sugioka

I visited Nara City Museum of Calligraphy in Honour of Kason Sugioka to look Kana calligraphy.









A note of twelve Kana calligraphers works are exhibited at a special exhibition.
I enjoyed to see not only calligraphy, beautiful rolls and frames.



Near the museum, there are some temples.
One of the famous temple is Koufuku temple.
The main holl repair.

The national tresures are  special opened to the public.










I visited the Toudai temple too.
The temple is famous for a lot of dear.