Japanese Calligraphy Workshop at Pembroke College

I ran Japanese Calligraphy Workshop at Pembroke College in Cambridge.

It was the first time to enter this college.

There are many sculptures.

I found a Henry Moore’s sculpture.

I ran Japanese Calligraphy workshop in The Nihon Room,  I could see the sculpture from there.

There is a Japanese Garden!

I was glad to run the workshop in such a wonderful place.

I should say thanks to my student who helped me immensely.

The Connaught Hotel Kana Calligraphy

I was asked to write the title of the Connaught Hotel’s hundred year anniversary album last year.

The order was to write in cursive line then I decided to write in Kana ; 仮名 calligraphy.

There are three scripts in Japan. Kanji 漢字, Hiragana 平仮名, and Katakana 片仮名.
To learn Japanese Calligraphy, we have two big categories : Kanji 漢字 and Kana 仮名.
The majority learn Kanji calligraphy, but we also learn Kana calligraphy.

Kana is called Onna-de 女手(女=woman, 手=hand) the meaning is ‘for women’, but it is not exclusively for women, it is a fact that in Japan men also write Kana. Kana calligraphy is called women’s hand because in the pre-modern period it is was thought more suitable for ladies.

Nowadays we still write Kana calligraphy and it surprised me that many foreign universities teach reading Kana calligraphy.
As one of their topics, I teach Kana calligraphy sessions at the University of Cambridge for many foreign students. I have had many opportunities to show Kana calligraphy in the UK, and other European countries. I also run Kana calligraphy classes in the UK.

I wrote Kana calligraphy for the Connaught Hotel.

The ; ザ ; 左
Connaught ; コンノウト ; 己无能宇登

We can write The Connaught in Japanese two ways, one way is コンノート, but it is better to write コンノウト for this work. I tried speaking both ways to British people, they prefer to hear コンノウト.

Of course many Japanese can read this Kana calligraphy and understand it.

Many thanks to The Connaught Hotel for involving me in this work.