Yukiko Ayres

I started Japanese Calligraphy classes when I was six years old, by eighteen I knew that I wanted to be a professional calligrapher. I became a apprentice of Koushou Yashiro who is Meikaku Kusakabe’s (a founder of modern Japanese calligraphy) great-grand apprentice.
日下部鳴鶴 – 岩田鶴皐 – 稲垣黄鶴 – 矢代黄昌 – 惠杏壽昌鶴
I am a member of Nihon Shodouin calligraphy association, and I reached Doujin the level above Shihan(master) in the association when I was twenty six.

I run calligraphy classes in London (in the Nippon Club), Cambridge and various student’s homes. I have also run classes in Chiyoda-ward Tokyo (in Sangyo-Tosho Publishing Co.Ltd.)


Workshop, Demonstration, Lecture

2008.3.6 Brompton Oratory St Joseph’s Hall in South Kensington
2008.8.13 Lennox Gallery in Fulham
2008.9.25 Spelthone Leisure Cenre in Staines
2008.11.19 St John’s Wood Library in St John’s Wood
2009.2.26 Southwark Playhouse in London
2009.09.28 Akasaka in Tokyo
2009.10.24,25 Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo
2009.11.21 Suginami Ward Public School in Tokyo
2009.12.13 Kinryu in Tokyo
2010.5.10 Kinshicho in Tokyo
2010.5.15,16 Tokyo Big Sight in Tokyo
2010.12.8-15 Estrel Hotel in Berlin
2011.1.21 Hotel Okura in Tokyo
2011.4.2 Bambini Nursery in Stoneleigh
2011.4.10 St. Mary Abbots Centre in High Street Kensington
2011.4.17 St. Mary’s Church in Wimbledon
2011.4.28 Forest Gate Community School in Forest Gate
2011.4.30 St. Mary’s Church in Acton
2011.5.6 Chancery Lane in London
2011.5.14 Scola Sutton in Satton
2011.5.22 Brentford Fountain Leisure Centre in Chiswick
2011.6.17 The Embassy of Japan in the UK
2011.6.19 Unicorn Theatre in London
2011.7.2 Carephilly Information Centre in Wales
2011.7.16 Islington in London
2011.7.22 Oympia two in Kensington
2011.7.23 St Mary Abbots Centre in Highstreet Kensington
2011.7.23 Stratford Circle in London
2011.9.10 The William Adams Festival in Medway
2011.10.8 Doshisha University Japan Day in London
2011.11.26 Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff
2012.2.26 Earls Court Exhibition Centre
2012.3.19 ACS Cobham International School in Surrey
2012.3.27 Église de la Madeleine in Paris
2012.4.21 The Bridgewater Hall in Manchester
2012.6.8 Peel Centre in Kings Cross
2012.6.23 Scola Sutton in London
2012.9.2 Harefield Hospital in Hillington
2012.9.15 The William Adams Festival in Medway
2012.10.6 Trafalger Square in London
2012.11.24 Peace Memorial Hall in Codicote
2013.1.12 Brighton & Hove Japanese Club in Brighton
2013.3.8 Haberdashers’ Aske’s School in Hertfordshire
2013.3.12  Hartlpool’s Maritime Experience in Hartlpool
2013.4.26 The Bushell Hall, Birkenhead School in Liverpool
2013.5.19 Scola Sutton in London
2013.6.13 St Georges Hospital in London
2013.9.1  Harefield Hospital in Hillington
2013.9.14 The William Adams Festival in Medway
2013.9.30 Prince’s School of Traditional Arts in London
2013.10.30 Aoyama in Tokyo
2013.11.1 Ginza in Tokyo
2014.1.27  Manggha museum in Poland
2014.3.27  Daiwa Foundation for Japan Society in London
2014.5.2  Mayfair in London
2014.8.29 Claremont Project in London
2014.9.13 The William Adams Festival in Medway
2014.9.22 Aoyama in Tokyo
2014.9.27 Chuo University in Tokyo
2014.9.30 Doushisha University in Kyoto
2014.10.16 Kounan University in Kobe
2014.11.6 SOAS University of London in London
2014.11.26 St. Hild’s Church of England School in Hartlepool
2015.1.20 University of Cambridge
2015.4.17 University of Cambridge
2015.8.8 University of Cambridge
2015.8.27 University of Cambridge
2015.11.5 SOAS University of London in London
2016.1.14 University of Cambridge
2016.4.18 University of Cambridge
2016.8.5,6 University of Cambridge
2016.8.25 University of Cambridge
2016.11.17 University of Cambridge
2017.3.10 University of Cambridge
2017.5.16 Shukutoku University in Tokyo
2017.8.10-12 University of Cambridge
2017.10.1 Chapter Arts Centre in Wales
2017.11.9 SOAS University of London in London
2018.2.16  University of Cambridge
2018.4.27 Fitzwilliam College (University of Cambridge)
2018.8.9-11,13 Emmanuel College (University of Cambridge)
2018.8.15 University of Cambridge
2018.11.7 SOAS University of London in London
2018.11.12 The Royal College of St. Peter at Westminster(Westminster School)
2019.1.10 Kounan University in Kobe
2019.1.17 Chuo University in Tokyo
2019.2.22 Emmanuel College (University of Cambridge)
2019.6.24 Pembroke College (University of Cambridge)
2019.7.3  University of Leicester
2019.7.27  Ascot Racecourse
2019.8.14-16 Emmanuel College (University of Cambridge)
2019.8.21 University of Cambridge
2019.11.7 SOAS University of London in London

My Calligraphy work

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The Japanese School in London
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