Class Schedule at the Nippon Club in London & Cambridge


Nippon Club Nippon Club in London

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday
Morning Class:10:00-13:30
Night Class:18:00-20:30
10th January Morning and Night
24th January Morning
14th Febryary  Morning and Night
28th  Febryary Morning
14th March  Morning and Night
28th  March Morning
11th April  Morning and Night
25th April Morning
9th May Morning and Night
23th May Morning
13th June Morning and Night
27th June Morning
11th July Morning and Night
25th July Morning
8th August  Morning and Night

Every 4th Monday
29th January
26th Febryary
26th March
23rd April
21st May
25th June

I must offer seats for regular members first, I can only take reservations if there are seats free. I can organise a class if requested for days outside the schedule providing there are enough people.

Should you want to see a class, please contact me first.