Japanese Calligraphy Workshop at Pembroke College

I ran Japanese Calligraphy Workshop at Pembroke College in Cambridge.

It was the first time to enter this college.

There are many sculptures.

I found a Henry Moore’s sculpture.

I ran Japanese Calligraphy workshop in The Nihon Room,  I could see the sculpture from there.

There is a Japanese Garden!

I was glad to run the workshop in such a wonderful place.

I should say thanks to my student who helped me immensely.

The Anchor and Pyrford Lock

I visited the RHS Garden Wisley.

There are many statues.

Everybody enjoyed the garden.

On the way home from the garden, we had lunch at the pub; The Anchor.

I saw a boat that had stopped and went backward.

Then I looked to the opposite side.

There is Pyrford Lock.

The boat was waiting for another one coming out of the lock.

The pub has many customers with dogs.

Dog’s Ice cream.

The dogs enjoyed the pub too.

Windsor Horse Show 2019

Windsor Horse Show is held in the park near Windsor Castel.

There are many kinds of the attractions.

I saw the Queen Elizabeth there.

Her horse got a prize.

After watching, she got in the car.

I wondered that she got in the front sheet.

After a time, I was really surprised to see SHE WAS DRIVING!!!

I respect her very much.

At the show, we can see many kinds of competition.

Young people enter too.

We can see the traditional type of coach.

During the horse show, there were many horse statues and also in Windsor town too.

I would like to go to the show next year again.