Rice Cake Party of Shimane Kendo Club in Tokyo

Every January my local Kendo Club organised a Rice Cake Party from when I was a child.

Rice cake is handmade by Kendo Club’s parents and members.

It is a traditional way to cook rice.

Then make race cake in the old way.

The ladies fravor the rice cake.

Red beans rice cake is popular in Japan, so they make a lot.

Inside the gym, the ladies cook soup for rice cake.

During the cooking, Kendo club menbers are praciting.

Everybody likes rice cake.
The season was cold but I went to Kendo practice to eat rice cake with my friends.

We must thank the perants who cook such a delicious rice cake dishes every year.

Konjac restaurant in Yamagata

I went to Yamagata by the Shinkansen(bullet train).

There is a konjac(devil’s-tongue plant) dish used as a  course in a traditional Japanese meal in Yamaga prefecture.
This is the entrance to the restaurant I went to.

These are the konjac dishes that I ate.

All the dishes use konjac root which looks like this.

I was amazed that all the dishes could be made from this root.

Even a pudding.

Konjac is very healthy and has low calories.

The view from the restaurant was beautiful because it had snowed.

The restaurant was decorated for new year.

They have an Irori(traditional open fire for cooking).

We enjoyed eating konjac dango which is soul food in Yamagata.

Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery Museum

There is a Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewery Museum near the river Sumiyoshi in Kobe.

The Entrance

I could see this sign by the entrance.

The calligraphy is impressive.

The Museum’s derector told me that the calligraphy was written by Mr Gochiku Nakabayashi. He wrote it when he was 77 years old.

Mr Gochiku Nakabayashi is a founder of modern Japanese calligraphy the same as Mr Meikaku Kusakabe who started my family of calligraphy.

In the museum we can see many materials to make Sake(Japanese rice wine).

Also we can see interesting things.

There is the souvenir shop.

And You CAN try the Sake on free!

I reccomend a visit there.