British Kendo Association Annual General Meeting 2019

British Kendo Association Annual General Meeting was held in London.

There are three sections of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo.

We had individual meeting, then all members gathered for a general meeting.

I attended all three individual meetings and the final general.

The meeting was in English. I did not see Japanese friends this year.

But they spoke about Japanese traditional story.
I was especially impressed to hear about Do道.
The speaker said Budo’s Do is the Way, it is the most important things are polite and duty.

Before the big meeting, we received the small machine.

I wondered what it was.

They announced that it was a voting machine to make the meeting  quicker.

We checked the system.

Then we started to use.

Yes, the meeting closed earlier than before, but we know how much it cost…
Anyway, I enjoyed using the button and it looked modern for the meeting.

London Zoo

London Zoo is in the middle of London.

We can see many kinds of animals.


Model of Tiger

Real Tiger


Crocodile – Best possition

London Zoo is famous as a location for a Harry Potter film.



In London Zoo, there are chilled pure water fountains.

I join the refill revolution.



I had a good time in London Zoo.