Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum

There is the Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum near Shin-Kobe station.

Here is the only museum of carpentry tools in Japan.

We can see the Japanese Capenter’s uniform too.

We can try fitting the parts.

I saw a big wooden model.

It is a model of the interlocking brackets of Toshodaiji Temple’s Kondo.

I recommend that you visit before going to Kyoto and Nara.
It is very close to the Shinkansen Station, so you can visit easily.

Also I enjoyed to see different types of wood.

Carpenter’s workshop.

Carpenter’s examples.

They orgnised a special exhibition.

Confectionery Utensils
The History of Sweets Enjoyed Through Molds

Here are some from in the U.K.

The Museum is very modern.

But I felt it had a Japanese traditional atmosphere.

I think everybody would enjoy visiting the Takenaka Carpentry Tools Museum.