Sanjou St and Teramachi St

When I was on my own in Japan, I wanted to visit Sanjou Street in Nara and Teramachi Street in Kyoto.

Sanjou Street.

There are some Japanese Calligrpahy shops in these St.
But… I noticed the shop was closed.

Because it was new year’s holiday. On my last visit in Octorber, I went there with British people and had planed to go to Hiroshima and other spots. So I did not buy Japanese Calligraphy items. I should have checked the information.

Another shops below,

I love the street.

At the Nara station.

I moved to Kyoto and headed to Teramachi Street. On my way from bus stop, I visited the shop.

I found my favorite item, but it was not for sale. They kindly sold it to me though. Many thanks to Sanko.

I entered the shop; Ryuushi-do on Teramachi Street, then I found the animal paper weights.

Some of them are going to go to London.

Luckly I could buy the Lucky Tea at Ippou-do on the Teramachi Street. They sell the tea only the new year season.

They gave me new notes as change. I was impressed.