Himeji Castle

Himeji Castle also called the White Heron is a world tresure.

This year is the 25th anniversary of becoming a world tresure.

I was asked to visit a Japanese Castle during my orignal Japanese tour, so I decided to take the English people to Himeji Castle.

The castle is not far from Himeji station.

When we left the station, we could see the castle.

Then we walked there. The castle was directly ahead.

I think, foreign people do not need a guide. My group did not need me.

Anyway I enjoyed to see around by myself.

We entered the castle.

View from inside the castle

The top most floor

We could see Himeji Station.

There is no lift or escalator, the corridor is narrow. It was an adventure.

We entered Nishi-no-maru too. There are long corridors.

My British tour members looked like they enjoyed the visit to Himeji Castle.
I recommend going to Himeji Castle for sightseeng. You can go there easily and there are a lot of guides who can speak foreign languages.