Ueyama Inn at Shioda Hot Spring

My British friend recommended that we stay at Ueyma Inn.
He got the information from the website and he stayed there.

Our group(five Britih people and I) took the Inn’s bus from Himeji Station.

Ueyama Inn has a natural hot spring named Shioda.
They have an outside bath.

We enjoyed the hot spring.

At the dinner, we ate with a Canadian man who was alone.
We chatted about touring Japan.

The dinner

After the dinner, the inn offered us a rest at the Irori space with Japanese tea and dryed potato.

We had a relaxing time and enjoyed baking dryed potato.

The inn offered a traditional Japanese breakfast.

They have a special porridge boiled only with water from the hot spring.

They show the picture, so the British people can understand what is the dish.

Ueyama inn’s location is very beautiful.

There was a good view from the room.

One of our group’s room had a massage chair.
They were excited to try it.

I agree with my friend the staff were very kind and helpful.
We would like to visit again.