Miyajima Itsukusima Shrine Hiroshima

My original tour in Japan for British people, I planned to take them to Hiroshima.
We left Nara early morning to move to Miyajima.

We used JP-Pass for the ferry to Miyajima.

When we arrived at Miyajima, underneith the gate it was dry.
It was the first time I had seen this.

We walked up to the gate.

There was no water under the gate.

Everbody on my tour had seen the photos of the gate with water, and were suprised.

We took a walk to middle of Miyajima.

We enjoyed looking at the maple leaves.

There is a nice Japanese Garden.

We had a good walk.

There was a traditional Japanese Wedding ceremony at Itsukusima Shrine.

Then my British friends were excited to see that the sea had come in.
‘Yuki! Look! The sea has come in!!!’

They went toword the gate and took photos.

They had happy smiles.
I thought my tour scadule was succesful.

There are many deer the same as Nara, but the deer do not bow.

We left Miyajima.


As we know, there is a Peace Park in Hiroshima.

We walked there from Hiroshima Washington Hotel.

In the night time, my ex-sinior corrigue of Recuruit company took us to a Okonomi-yaki restaurant named Shin-chan.

The master of the restaurant baked Okonomi-yaki for us.

They were very tasty and we enjoyed watching them being made.

There is an advertising gate for a famous beer company.

They liked it.