Nara And the Bowing Deer

On my tour of Japan for British people, I took them to Nara after Kyoto.

I have heard from Gifu prefecture officer, that the deer in Nara are very polite and bow to the people.

“Just kidding.” I said and couldn’t belive it.

But, I was wrong.

British people were enjoying to see polite deer too.

They were surprised to see such a lot of deers in Nara. Very different from Kyoto.

Toudai Temple 東大寺

Kasuga Shrine 春日大社

Koufuku Temple 興福寺

I asked if I could escape as their guide for a while, and I visited an Ink making company.

I went there from the station near Toudai Temple.


They show how to make Calligraphy ink and demonstrate.

Also we can see many kinds of calligrapy items.

I did not have enought time in Nara.
I hope to stay in Nara about two days next time.