Omi Hachiman

Omi Hachiman is a city beside Lake Biwa in Shiga Prefecture.

It has been developed as a commercial town and has many merchants.

The area where the merchants lived.



There is a canal that still seems to be as it was.

Here is the company that makes a popular cream that my family used.







The statue is of Mr William Merrell Vories, he came here from the USA and ran the company.










This is a Hakuun-kan(白雲館 White Cloud Building), it was built as school in the Meiji era.










There is a Hachiman shrine the name of the town ; Omi Hachiman comes from it.








We took the Mt.Hachiman cable car.

I enjoyed to see the beautiful view.
It was my first time to see Lake Biwa it is the largest lake in Japan.

On the way from the summit of Mt. Hachiman, I entered a Japanese sweet shop.








I love the sweet shop; Tane-ya. I used to buy the same sweets in Tokyo.
There were Japanese ladies who wore Kimono.


In Tane-ya, I ate Tsubura-mochi. It looks like Tako-yaki(Octopus ball), BUT IT ISN’T!



We stayed at the Hotel New Omi in front of the station.They were very hospitable. I especially enjoyed the breakfast it was brilliant!

Omi Hachiman is not far from Kyoto.
I highly recommend to visit Omi Hachiman and stay at Hotel New Omi.