A Calligraphy for Bar Albatross in Tokyo

I was asked to write the letter A with a big blush on a big paper.

A client wanted to give my calligraphy to the owner of the Bar Albatross as gift in Tokyo.

The owner asked me to imagine; Wind, Sky and Sea.

Then I wrote the letter A.









A client orderd a flame and put it up in his home.

I was happy that a he liked it.










He took it to the Bar Albatross and put it on the wall.

I hope to visit there when I go to Tokyo.

Summer Schools in the University of Cambridge

I conducted the classes at two Summer Schools in the University of Cambridge.

One is Graduate Summer School in Japanese Early-modern Palaeography at Emmanuel College.

About thirty students came to study Japanese Early-modern Palaeography from uk and overseas. Some people are attending for the second or third time.
I was happy to see them again.


I showed traditional Japanese Calligraphy items in my class.









In our break time, I enjoyed chatting with students.
I was impressed that they have their owm cups like these to save the paper cups.









After all my classes were finished, the students gave me card and present.

I was very happy.
The photo is of my room at Emmanuel college.








The proffesors and students are all kind and friendly to me. We went to nice traditional pub near Emmanuel College.

We enjoyed chatting, drinking and eating.







My second class for the Summer School was at Sidgwick Site; Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies for Sutton Trust.



I run Japanese Calligraphy workshop there.

Almost students saw Japanese Calligraphy items for the first time and used brush for writing, but they wrote beatiful letters at the workshop!