Izumo Grand Shrine

 I went to Izumo to go to Izumo Grand Shrine.

Izumo Grand Shrine is a national tresure and important shrine in Japan.
Acording to the old story, all the local gods in Japan gather here every November(old calender’s Octorber).

From the big gate, there is a road to the main shrine.





The sign says, “Please walk to the side to protect the pine tree’s roots.”

Sumo started in Izumo.

There is a Sumo court.





We can see lovely rabbits.

There is a very famous Japanese folk tale called “The White Rabbit of Inaba”.











A statue of rabbit with the god of Izumo Grand Shrine.








It is a big sacred rope.

44.2 feet(13.5 metres) long and 13,227 pounds(6 tons) weighs.





Another stautue of the god of Izumo Grand Shrine.




When I took the photo of the stautue, It was illuminated by light from the sky.


I had a good time, and enjoyed seeing beautiful flowers.