Haiku Monument to Inagaki Koukaku in Karuizawa

There is Haiku Monument to Inagaki Koukaku and Tomb Pens in the Sendoji Temple, Karuizawa.
According to the sign there;
Inagaki Koukaku, a calligrapher who taught calligraphy to the Empress of Teimei, was the vice president of the house of Japanese Calligraphy. She came from Karuizawa and was descended from Miuraya. A mound with her handwriting and a monument with her haiku were built in the Sendoji Temple in 1962.

Mount Asama.
Clear today, even at the top
There does the buckwheat flower bloom.





The Sendoji Temple is famous for the curing and table tennis Jizo.
If you go to there by taxi, you should tell the taxi driver to lift me the Jizo Temple…