Fukuoka Yatai Restaurant – Jounetsu no Chidoriashi

Fukuoka city is famous for Yatai(Street Stall) restaurants.

When I come back from dinner meeting in Hakata to my hotel, I saw a popular Yatai named ‘Jounetsu no Chidoriashi’.
The sheets were full, but I really wanted to take a sheet, I decided wait back at my hotel. Luckily I could see the Yatai from my room 🙂

After 10pm, I could get a sheet but it was still crowded.

I ordered a Ramen.
The soup is made using meat from game.
‘Jounetsu no Chidoriashi’ may be first Yatai for game meal in Japan!
The taste is very nice.
Especially the master; Mr Higashi is friendly and helpful.
I was relaxed and enjoyed my visit.
If you have a chance to visit Fukuoka, I recommend that you have a meal there.
‘Jounetsu no Chidoriashi’ is located in front of Loft.
The address is 4 Watanabe Street Chuo-ku Fukuoka-shi