Beppu is famous for hot spring.
My classmate lives near Beppu. We met up there, and she guided for me.

In front of Beppu station, there is a bronze statue of Mr Kumahachi Aburaya.

1863-1935 He contributed to the rebuilding of the Beppu which had declined at that time. He liked strange clothes and he liked children. So He have been familiar with the nickname of “Shiny uncle”. He is taken up in the textbooks of social study at the elementary schools in Beppu city.

In Beppu, there are a lot of hot spring. One of them is in front of the station.
It is a Hand Bath.
We can enjoy dipping our hands.

This is the map of Beppu.
In about 10 minitus on foot, you can enjoy to see the beautiful view of seaside



and other scenic spots.

My classmate took me to a local restaurant.
I was impressed to see the EXTRA COLD beer.

The beer is minus 2 degrees!!!
In the UK, normally beer’s tempreture is warm…
We orderd the EXTRA COLD one!

She orderd a good meal and we had an enjoyable time.