Nara City Museum of Calligraphy in Honour of Kason Sugioka

I visited Nara City Museum of Calligraphy in Honour of Kason Sugioka to look Kana calligraphy.









A note of twelve Kana calligraphers works are exhibited at a special exhibition.
I enjoyed to see not only calligraphy, beautiful rolls and frames.



Near the museum, there are some temples.
One of the famous temple is Koufuku temple.
The main holl repair.

The national tresures are  special opened to the public.










I visited the Toudai temple too.
The temple is famous for a lot of dear.

Nachi Ink Stone

I visited Wakayama to buy Ink Stone.

The shop’s neme is Yamaguchi Kouhou-do.






The Ink stone maker’s name is Mr Houkou Yamaguchi.He and his son make it.
Mr Yamagichi asked me to try use the Ink.

“Must try before buy Calligrapy Ink stone.”
It is his opinion.

The Ink stone is very nice, so I bought it.


There is near Nachi Kumano Taisha which is national tresure.



When I came back from Nachi Kumano Taisha, they smiled me again.

I would like to visit there again.

Japanese Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition

I went to a Japanese Traditional Art Craft Exhibition to see Ink maker in Tokyo.
Mr Matsuda is from Nara, and works for Bokuun-do company.
During the exhibition, he shows how to make Ink.
He had given me ink before, which I showed to the students at the University of Cambridge. They were impressed by the smell.

He uses the old traditional tool.

He also makes modern art not only ink for Japanese Calligraphy like them.

At the exhibition, there are many company from all of Japan.
Houko-do comes from Hiroshima too.