Hand made Nattou

Nattou is a traditional Japanese food made from soybeans.

Here are photos of how to make it.

soybeans 300g
soak in water one over night.




drain the water.




put in to the pressur cooker and steam.

steam for 40 minites.

During the time, make ready the Nattou riquid, add the powder to cooled boil water.
I got the Nattou powder in Japan. If you can not get the powder, you can buy Nattou in London and mix with the steamed soybeans.

Mix the Nattou riquid and the soybeans.

Put in to the bottles.

Set the yogult maker.

After 26 hours.

Put in to the frige for two days.
Then you can eat.

Add the soy sauce.
I recommend eating with white race.