British Kendo Association Jodo-bu Kangeiko 2016

British Kendo Association(BKA) Jodo(杖道)-bu had a Kangeiko in Biddenham Upper School.
Kan means cold, geiko(keiko) means practice, so we call a practice in cold season; Kan(寒い) Keiko(稽古) in Japanese.

We practiced over six hours, there were about thirty people, I was the only Japanese.Starting exercise was warm up and we counted up to ten individually they counted in English; one two three… but for my turn, I called  Ichi Ni San… in Japanese. Then we did Chudan(中段) kata and Kage(影) kata.

In Japan we eat Rice cake(Mochi) after Kangeiko, but in the UK we ate cake in break time and lunch time.
I love both but some British people said Mochi is not tasty and is bland..and is not enjoyable to eat. In Japanese Kangeiko we make Mochi ourselves in our traditional way, but sadly I do not have the items to make Mochi here… anyway British like cake and tea so it is fine.
I miss the Japanese way of Kangeiko with Mochi in the UK, and felt a little home sick.

But its ok as we must take cake to Kangeiko and I ate five kinds of cakes.