Wedding Ceremony&Party

Wedding Ceremony & Party in the UK

On 17th September, an auspicious day (we hope anyway ED.). We were married in the UK. I dressed a long -sleeved kimono (worn by unmarried women on ceremonial occasions). It was my last chance to dress in this style of kimono, so I was very glad to wear one. The British guests were glad to see it.

When I arrived the place, Janet handed the yellow bouquet and button holes for other guests. Before the ceremony, we had an interview. The officer asked my Dad’s name and his occupation. She wrote the information onto a document and we both signed it. After the ceremony, we also signed the marriage certificate. Our witness signed this too. I asked Rebecca to be my witness. I think of her like my big sister.

My Kendo teachers especially  celebrated on the day, because married through Kendo. I wrote in this First Blog, “the only man who said to me Good by” (I will never be forgiven for this ED.), Reader I married that man. My Kendo teachers recommended him, he was glad to attend the ceremony.The last two years went  across my mind, the teacher had asked him to pick me up at the airport when I came to the UK second time from Japan, and we spoke in a friendly way together.

After the ceremony, we moved to the Chinese restaurant; 大同大酒楼 in London. I told our friends who were going there for the first time, “Be hungry that day as the restaurant dishes are delicious!”. I said them,”Are you hungry? Are you ready?”

Mr. & Mrs. Ko ready the special menu for us. They know our favorite dishes, so they arranged changed the standard menu. I was a little surprised to see that some British people used a knife & fork to eat Chinese food. Janet used them when ate a fly of squid (I have no idea what this is either ED.!!).

We ordered a Wedding cake for the pudding. I did not think to order one, but Rebecca said, “WE MUST!” I ordered it just 3 days before, but the bakery is next to the restaurant bakery and made it speciallyy.

I ordered just a “simple cake, with fresh fruit, not showy” but they baked such a nice cake! It was very delicious. Everyone was very glad to eat it. The Doll next to the cake is a present from Rebbeca. It is so cute. We were very happy. We had another special pudding; an egg tart! The restaurant’s the egg tart is VERY delicious!

At first, I did not think to wear a kimono. Rebbeca suggested that I buy a white long dress, so I bought one. I was too shy to dress in a true white dress,so I bought a beige one. I changed into the dress from the kimono, because I had purchased it. Before changing, my friend; Kaori suggested she take a photo of the kimono. Kaori said to make a pose. The first picture was taken by Nigel. The second one by Kaori. Normally when dressing in a kimono, we do not wear rings, but I wore the lapis lazuli ring for “something blue”, and of course I wore the wedding ring.

I changed my dress quickly. I came back to the room and Kaori took my photo in the second dress. I can see my face on the photo,  I wanted to eat soon. I notice another now that I forgot to wear the accessories that my aunt gave me for the big day…

The reason for changing the dress, was not for to show guests another dress but so I could eat easier. The dress did not squeeze my waist like a kimono.

When I got to my seat and started to eat, my friends came to see me laughing, ” I have never seen such a bride!” They said when I opened my mouth to eat. I will not upload these photos, but I will show the pictures when I was enjoying my meal…

Some people came from Japan I was a little uneasy as they cannot communicate in English, but my friends; Nori and Kaori kindly helped them. I want to thank them for their help. I was very happy to see that everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves.

I think we had a good wedding ceremony & party with them. I deeply appreciate all my guests that day.

Mostly people go to honeymoon after the wedding day, so many people asked me,”Where did you go for honeymoon?” In my case I spent it on the stage of Japan Matsuri (festival) in the centre of London.

I attended the Japan Matsuri thank you Party the day before yesterday, when people heard I had married the day before the festival they were surprised but I have two good memory’s now.






















My marriage with a British person



戸籍謄本、住民票の提出。会社の在籍証明書、銀行の残高証明書、通帳の原本提出。 そして、これらの英訳を翻訳会社に依頼し、証明書を発行してもらう。 私がVISA申請をした時には、必ず認定された翻訳会社に依頼しなくてはなりませんでした。 提出書類には全て英訳をつけなくてはなりません。

偽装結婚ではないと証明する為に、二人の関係を証明する写真、 メールをプリントしたものを提出。もちろん証明写真。パスポート。 一番大変だったのが、VISAフォームの記入。 これは、英国在住で、英国人と結婚したプロの翻訳家の先輩に指導して頂きました。

そして、これらの書類を全部準備し、東京にある英国VISAセンターに提出しました。 何年か前までは、英国大使館でその日に発行されたVISAですが、 今は、何と、フィリピンのマニラで審査されるのです! よって、VISAの発行まで、数日間かかります。 無事、六か月間の婚約VISAがおりました。 それから航空券を買って、ようやく英国に来る事が出来ました。

2.役所での婚約面接 外国人が英国で結婚する為には、役所で、婚約する為に面接を受けなければなりません。 すぐに面接してもらう事は出来ず、予約を取らなくてはなりません。 予約出来たのは一ヶ月先。二人で役所に出向き、一人ずつ面接官から質問を受けました。 受付には、以下の文面が。


嘘をついたら、偽証罪。これをまず、読むように言われました。 面接は、偽装結婚ではないか?という調査と、私の英語力テストです。 難なくパスし、面接の料金を支払いました。 そう、面接を受ける為に、お金を支払わなければならないのです!

3.掲示板への張り出し 面接をパスした後、3週間、「この二人の結婚に異議のある人は申し出が出来る」と 書かれた掲示板に私達の名前と職業、そして、住所が張り出されました。 住所が書いてあるのを見て、ビックリしました。



外国人が英国で結婚する為には、役人の立会いが必要です。 その為に予約をしなければなりません。 日本から挙式に来たいと言って下さった方の希望 (お祭りの後。お彼岸の前)に合わせ、予約したのは9月17日大安。

VISAの期限が切れる事を考えると、ギリギリの日程でした。 後で気付いた事ですが、ちょうどその週は、日本でいうシルバーウィーク。 直行便はその時点で、2席しか残っておらず、 結局、日本から来たいと言ってくれていた方々は、来る事が出来ませんでした。 「日程を変更出来ないか?」と、親に言われましたが、 送らせてしまうとVISA申請が間に合わなくなってしまうので、 17日に強行する事に決めました。


婚姻届の提出をすれば婚姻する事が出来る日本とは違い、 こちらでは、必ず挙式をしなければなりません。 一番簡単に済む、役所での挙式をする事にしました。 日本から来れなかった方々のために、来年、何かの形でお祝いしましょう。と、いう事にして。

「VISA申請のためにするものだから、シンプルに済ませよう」と思っていたのですが、 そうもいかなくなりました。 というのも、周りの方々が、皆さん、楽しみにして、 「行きたいんだけど、いつ?」 「何を着るの?」と問い合わせを下さったからです。 有難い事でした。

平日に予約したので、お仕事の邪魔になる事を考え、 こちらからは挙式の事を言い出せずにいたのです。 お声がけを下さった方々に感謝の気持ちを込め、 当日、食事会をする事を決めました。

食事会の場所は、お世話になっているご家族が経営しているレストラン ;大同大酒楼。快く引き受けて下さいました。

I came to the UK, to marry with a British man. After getting engaged in Japan. I was hoping that I would be able to marry quickly. Will I be a June Bride? I thought. My friends were also hoping to come to the UK in a good season.

But, there are a lot of procedures to marry a foreigner in the UK, so I could not marry in the summer

【The details】

1.      To apply my Engagement VISA in Japan

I gave them my personal details; my family register, A certificate of residence, A certificate of my company, My Bank balance, My original Bankbooks, and I had to order translations from a Translation company into English, and certify the documents.

I had to give our pictures, a copy of our mails prove that we were really engaged, finally of course my photo and passport. The hardest work was to write the VISA form. My senior at school who is a professional translator in the UK helped me to read and write the documents.

I had an appointment and went to the UK VISA centre in Tokyo.

Three years ago, we could get the VISA in the embassy of the UK in Tokyo, but now the VISA is inspected in the Philippines, so we have to wait for a while.

At last I got the VISA for six months. Then I bought a ticket to come to the UK in June.

2.Interview at the Registrar Office

When a foreigner wants to marry in the UK, they have to have an interview at the Registrar Office. I did not know this… I could not to have the interview quickly we had to book it after 1 month residence. When we went there to have the interview, there was a notice at the entrance;

The picture is of the WARNING it says; that you should not MAKE A FALSE DECLARATION.

They told me that I, MUST read it.

The interview is to check that it is a true engagement, and tested my English skill.

We passed and paid the fee; we have to pay for the interview.

3.The notice board in the Office

After the interview, they put our personal information; name, occupation, age, and address on a notice board for three weeks. I was really surprised to see our address. This is to allow any one to read it and stop the marriage if the partner is already married. No one complained about us so we were ok.

4.Book the Wedding Ceremony

When a foreigner wants to marry in the UK, a Registrar Officer has to attend the ceremony.

One of my Japanese friends asked me to have the ceremony between 13th and 19th September so they could attend our ceremony, so I booked it on 17th September. That day is an auspicious day for a Wedding in Japan and China. It had to give me time to apply to extend my VISA stay.

After we booked I noticed it was the week called Silver week in Japan. This means a long holiday. At that time, there are ONLY 2 seats on the flight to come to London from Tokyo, so my friends could not to come to the UK. My mom asked to change to another day, but I said NO. Because it would be late and I would risk losing my VISA. I decided to have the ceremony on the day.

5.Wedding Ceremony

It is different from Japan, in the UK. We HAVE TO have a Wedding Ceremony.

We chose a simple and quick way. We booked at the Registrar Office. For my Japanese friends who could not come to the UK this time I am thinking to have another party next year.

I thought that the wedding is needed to apply for my VISA, so it was best to keep it simple. But the situation did not allow it our friends wanted to attend the ceremony and asked us. When will you have the ceremony? What dress will you wear?

We booked it for a Friday, but we were worried as that was a working day and did not want to bother them. We appreciated their thoughts and decided to have a party after the ceremony.

We asked our good friends if we could have a party at their Chinese restaurant; 大同大酒楼 in London. They kindly accepted our request.