Shuttleworth Collection Proms

The Original Flying PROMS at the Shuttleworth Collection

We went to the flying proms at the Shuttleworth Collection in Bedfordshire on 21th August. The collection was first started by Richard Shuttleworth, he was initially interested in motor racing but after a crash changed to flying, although he unfortunately died in a plane crash in 1940. His mother then founded a trust in his memory that purchased and maintained aircraft in flying condition. The trust now has a number of both vintage cars and planes with some very early Edwardian examples, original and replicas still flying.

The flying proms have been running over a decade now and combine air displays from the Shuttleworth collection with an orchestra playing classical music. On the day the weather was too windy so for the very early planes too fly, since they need very calm conditions to get airborne. The displays started with a Gloster Gladiator followed by some WW1 British planes (these are now over 90 years old and still airworthy). The display continued with inter war & WW2 planes, including a Lysander which was used to drop agents into occupied France. The air display finished with a Hurricane from the collection and a Spitfire that flew in from Duxford (the site of the Imperial War Museum’s Collection). It was interesting to see how the organizers matched the Music to the planes. In the case of the WW2 planes they used Walton’s music for the  Battle of Britain film which invokes the feeling of constant watching and sudden action when in contact with enemy fighters during a dogfight.

The second half of the evening was a medley of favorite tunes that are played at the last performance of the Promenade concerts in the Royal Albert Hall. Very stirring stuff it was too especially as the concert ended with a fireworks display.

I enjoyed it very much. I am looking forward to going next year.



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Japan in England


In Fulham Place, until September 19th there is an exhibition called JAPAN IN LONDON.
I went there with my friend who had invited me previously to a Koto concert (Japanese musical instrument).
At the concert there was a young British man who played the Koto with the Japanese ladies.

We saw valuable pictures and Japanese traditional clothing.
There were many British people there looking at them.

In London, there are many Japanese items in the museums.
The Wallace Collection is a museum that not only has British armor but Japanese too.

On the 18th August there was an unveiling ceremony of a bust of Soseki at his museum in London
to mark the hundred & tenth anniversary of Soseki’s stay in London.

This is a museum opposite the house where Soseki Natsume a Japanese novelist lived.
He lodged in this house the longest during his stay in Britain (he lived in 5 other houses).

There is a blue plate on the house, with is his name and when he stayed in it.
The blue plate; the blue plaque is a British system given to houses where very famous people stayed.
There are many blue plaque’s in England & Wales.

Soseki is the first Japanese person to have one.
He wrote many books but I have only read bits of them for junior high school
(oh dear I thought you were intellectual ed.).
He is most famous for being on the 1000 yen note until recently.

In the Soseki museum, there are many collections.
The Japanese emperor’s family and an ex-prime minister have been there.

The picture is a advert by Soseki asking for lodgings.

I too lodged at a British home just like Soseki,
and I thought of him when I had a hard time, so like him I did not give up.
I was very glad to see the house and attend the ceremony.

Everybody can go to the museum.
From yesterday to 22nd August “The Festival of Quilt” was held at the NEC in Birmingham.

I saw a Quilt with a theme of Japan.

The Hawaiian Quilt is very popular in Japan,
but there was only one shop in the Festival.
I looked it with a Japanese friend and the Hawaiian lady said hello in Japanese.
The lady, Mary is from Hawaii and spent 20 hours traveling.
I told her, I had made a Hawaiian Quilt in Japan, and she said,
she had designed the Quilting pattern for the Japanese company!
She is teaching Hawaiian quilting in Japan and showed us her students friendship quilt.
This is the right hand picture.
She was selling her design book. I bought one, and she signed her name on it.
I was glad to see her and see Japanese work in Birmingham.

Last week, my Japanese friends went back to Japan.
Before they left we went night sight seeing and took the London Eye.

In there we talked with a couple from the Czech Republic, and took each others pictures.




































The 1st Overseas Trip to London of my friends daughters

The 1st Overseas Trip to London of my friends daughters

My friend who was senior to me at work has sent his family to the UK.
It is the 1st overseas trip for his daughters.

They asked me to take them to see British Gardens,
so we went to Kew Gardens.

As they are under 17 years, they went in free.
All they paid for was the underground train.

The trees are very big! If they were like this In Japan they would be a treasure.
The girls relaxed under the trees.

Then we went into a hot house.
We went up the stairs, and saw lavenders.

In the garden, there is a path through the high tree tops.
We climbed the stairs, and enjoyed the view.

In the smaller of the hot houses, there are butterflies.

The peacock said hello to the girls.

We enjoyed the garden very much.

In London, there is a garden that adults can also enjoy on free.
It is Golders Hill Park.
You can go there on foot from Hampsted Station.

There is a British Garden and a small zoo in the park.

There is also a nice Refreshment House there.

Everybody spends time relaxing.

This is a nice pub near Hampsted Station.

Ginger Beer is called beer, but has no alcohol when bought commercialy.
Children can drink it safely.
On the other hand, you must take care with Cider!
In Japan, Cider is a non alcohol drink, BUT in the UK, cider has alcohol.

The girls wanted to go to shopping, so I took them to an outlet shop.
We can buy cheap brand Items there.
As it was their 1st overseas trip, I took them to places that are low priced,
so they enjoyed their shopping.

This week, I am going to go to see a musical with them.
Thank you to my senior friend I am enjoying being a guide.