Art in Action 2010

Art in Action 2010

Art in Action was hAeld in Waterperry House near Oxford on the 15-18 July.

It started in 1977, artists and craftsmen openly demonstrate their skills,
visitors can see and learn at many classes.

The event is set In a large area, there are many stands demonstrating painting,
sculpture, glass, woodwork, textiles, ceramics, metalwork and jewellery.

The nearest stand to the entrance was for glass blowing.
A lot of people were watching a demonstration there.

by a Glass craftsman.

There was also a Glass jewlery making stand with some glass crafts women on it.
This was very popular.
They not only demonstrated how the jewlery was made but they sold the items.

Janet bought a glass bead for a bracelet

On the textile stand a young lady was sewing blue thread onto a white cotton
frame to make a picture.

In the same area, I saw some pretty applique work.
I looked for a while, and the lady smiled and said, Hi to me.
`Is it your work?` I asked
`Yes.`she said, and showed me a book.
`Is it the book cover’s work?`
`Yes, it is!`
I took a picture with her, the book and her work.

There was a tent filled with classes where teachers were demonstrating
and teaching different craft skills.
Many people were enthusiasticlally listening to their lectures

There was another tent filled with stands selling many artistic items…

The last stand was `Beekeeping`.
It was a demonstration of how to keep Bee’s.

One of the men lectured about the Bee’s way of life.

I have been to see the bees at Ginza in Tokyo,
so I was very interested in the stand

They sold not only honey but candles.

The candles made by Ginza bees are used in the Church of Ginza at Christmas time.

Waterperry Gardens are next to Waterperry House and were included in the admission.
At this season they were at their best.

We can enjoy art in a natural setting at Art in Action.
I would like to go again next year.