We went on holiday and stayed at a cottage in Seahouses
whilst we were there we went out everyday by car.

1st day: Bamburgh Castle
We went to Bamburgh Castle which can be seen from Seahouses.
It is built on the edge of the land. We walked along the sea edge,
but I guess we could not enter the castle from the seaside.

There was a classic car run that stopped for a while in the castle when we were there.
It made me feel as though I was back in the past time.

2nd day: Holy Island
Holy Island is a Island on the Map,
but there is a road called a causeway and we crossed by car when the sea was low to the Island.

The causeway was very interesting, I realised that it is covered by the sea when the tide is high.

When the high tide time starts, the water comes in quickly,
there are many notice boards on the Island warning about this.

On the island is Lindisfarne Castle it was also built in on the seas edge like Bamburgh Castle.

3rd day: Farne Islands

We went to Farne Islands by boat from Seahouses.

At first, we said hello to the seals resting on the rocks.

We landed on the nearest of the Farne Islands,
there were many birds to look at on the Islands.

As we landed from the boat, the birds flew down on us and pecked us with their bills they can hurt,
so we have to wear hats. Some people had an umbrella and wore hat as well!

There are many cameramen with long lens expensive cameras near the cliff.

I wondered why?

Then I saw, the view of the birds was very nice like an animation film.

We can see Bamburgh Castle from the Island.

4th day: Scotland

We went to Scotland over the border.

The bridge is the border of England. In front is Scotland.

When we came back from Scotland to England, we took a walk in Berwick-upon-Tweed.

The ice cream is coloured like an England flag.

5th day: Alnwick Castle

We went to the Alnwick Castle which is a location for a Harry Potter film.

Here is the scene for training to use the magic stick (broomstick ed.).

There is Alnwick Garden near the Castle.

I enjoyed a tour in the poison garden.

The man who guided us was very humorous.
There was a cannabis plant there and it was guarded very strictly.

6th day:Cragside House&Garden

Cragside House is set in a forest and very pretty.

We saw a large ornamental plate in the house.

I wondered what it was and asked the guide. He said,
” the Tokugawa family came to the house, so there are many Japanese items here.”

“There is the Tokugawa family’s memorial room,
so check it out. A member of Japanese imperial family came here,
so we decorate the room with a picture of him.”

The picture is of a husband and wife of the Tokugawa family.

The Garden was well maintained and very beautiful.

The last day: Chesters Roman Fort

We went to Chesters Roman Fort.

The Roman fort is at least 2000 years old.

The Bath house is the best preserved in England.

I have been to Bath where there are also Roman remains,
but I thought here it is easier to imagine the way it was.

We sat in a chair in the bath room.

The fort is part of Hadrian’s Wall, it’s the best preserved Roman cavalry fort in Britain.

We had a break on the way home from the Chesters Roman Fort to London,
where we could see a very nice view over the Lake district (yes we will go there ed.)

On our way back, we enjoyed the lakeside views. They were very beautiful!

I went on this Holiday with friends, whose hobby is birdwatching,
so we took a binoculars every time.

If you like to see birds, I recommend that you go to the Farne Islands.





























































Holiday in Seahouses

I went on holiday for one week from the 13th June with my British friends.
In the UK many people take a holiday and go on a short trip in the early summer.

We stayed at a cottage in the north of England in Northumbria.

“You can have nice fish & chips there!” Janet had said, so I wanted to go there.

The fish&chips were very nice! and I really liked them.
We could choose from different kinds of fish. The most popular fish is cod.
Another popular fish is plaice a flatfish.

The restaurant was on the main street, it sells take aways and has seats.
There was a long queue for the take aways,
it started in the street and continued inside (it must have been good! ed).

There was a nice fish shop selling fresh fish in Seahouse’s too.
We bought crab, shrimps and kippers. They were very delicious!
this shop was also popular with people.

There was good local bakery too.
There used to be many local bakeries in towns, but recently there are fewer,
due to there being more supermarket chains as I was told by my friend.
This shop’s crossants ,cheese scones, tarts,
and flapjacks were very nice! so I went there many times.

The reason why we spent our holiday at Seahouses in this season,
was that my friends wanted to go to the Farne Islands.
When I went to the Islands to see nesting sea birds.
I felt as if I was in an animation film, it was like a dream…

We could see Bamburgh Castle from Seahouses. (The picture’s on the right hand side).

We went there and to other castles by car,
one of these was used as a location for a Harry Potter film.

In my next the blog, I would like to write about other places that we went to.
















I arrived in the UK on the afternoon of the 9th Jun

I arrived in the UK on the afternoon of the 9th June.
When I saw the English country side from the plane, It looked shining green and
I thought, “I am back.”
I could see Tower Bridge and the London Eye as we crossed over London.

I flew with British Airlines I knew there was a cabin crew strike,
I was worried but the flight was OK.
The service was limited because of the strike, for example,
there were only two kinds of meals, and they did not sell any duty free items.
It was an interesting experience for me.

I arrived at Heathrow Airport before 4pm. I rested a while,
then I went to the place for the Kendo practice.

I did not do Kendo because I was tired, so I did not take any Kendo armour.
The beginner`s class had started,
as I sat down to watch a student`s mom sitting next to me said

“Are you a beginner too?”

The Kendo members laughed, and said to me “Are you a beginner?”
“I have just arrived here from Japan!”
I said. A kendo member called Derek said
“Sumi sensei came here straight from the airport and practiced last week!
” I replied “I am different from Sumi sensei! He has hanshi-8dan…”

There were no Japanese present, and the club practiced basic training.
Everyone was English, so they spoke in English.
But they also used some Japanese the words,”Attack(Seme)”,”Spirit(Kiai)”
”More Kiai”

”More Seme”

”More Pressure”

”Wake up! Not enough! More Kiai!”
I had jet lag but I heard the words and also woke up.

After Kendo practice, we went to the pub and I drank half a pint of shandy.
Mr.Salmon and I spoke about the last Kyoto Taikai to everyone.

All my Kendo friends have improved their Kendo skill, but in the pub,
they have not changed their character, they were still friendly to me.
I enjoyed my time with them in the pub.