A friendship Kendo Match


A friendship Kendo Match

On the 30th of May a Kendo match was held in my hometown.
The competition was split into East area verses West with different classes for adults and children.

Many Kendo players came to compete.

For This competition my position was Taisho the leader of the team match.
At first I wanted to decline the offer as I had not played for a while.
My friends persauded me by saying that it may be my last match in Japan
so I thanked them and decided to play.

There were many people at the match one of them was my teacher
who has taught me since I was six.

He is now over 80 and still playing Kendo!. My teacher was in the UK TV program.
There were also my senior friends who I last saw at the Kyoto Kendo match in the spring.

I was very glad to see them there,
as I wanted to say hello as well as play Kendo before I go to the UK.
I think that Kendo should also be about respect and making friends.
I also like Kendo, as after playing we can eat.

Following the cold season’s Kendo practice,
we ate sweet red-bean soup with pieces of rice cake together.

At the Kendo Club that I played at since I was six,
they make rice cake themselves and they enjoy eating them
with all the club the club members and their family.

Our Kendo Club starts its members as children and teaches them Kendo as they grow up.
All my childhood friends still play Kendo, are polite and get along well.
They now teach Kendo to children.
For this Kendo match my friend’s children had a match and played an active part in it.

I think that I am lucky to continue practice Kendo now.

I hope that the future for Kendo is not only in my home town,
its road should be overseas.

Today’s chief referee;
Mr. Nishimura belongs to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police the same as Mr Chiba
who taught me on a Kendo seminar in the UK.
Another refree of the match is a friend of the ex-UK national coach.

They talked for me and I practiced Kendo with them.

So I had a good time in the UK…

A week ago, I attend the Kendo practice of Mr Chiba in the university of Hitotsubashi.
I saw my younger school mate and my friend’s Dad.
The friend lives in the UK and we practice together in London.

I hope that kendo has a future in many places. Not only in Japan,
but all over the world. It is strange as when I started to practice Kendo,
I did not think it would take me to the UK.

For my last Kendo match in Japan,
I faced my friend who is a selected team member as was I.

Before the match,
I remembered that we ate red-bean soup with pieces of rice cake in the Nippon Budoukan,
we practiced hard in the summer season it was such a hot day and I rember it still.

When I finished I saw my calligraphy,
it is on Championship flag where the Champions name is recorded every year.

It made me very happy,

I hope that the Kendo association will continue to use my calligraphy after I leave…

Tokyo Big site Calligraphy

I went to show my calligraphy at Tokyo Big Sight
I returned to Japan from the UK 1 year and 2 months ago.
When I got back my friends asked me to teach calligraphy, so I taught it in my home.

An editor asked me to tell my story about teaching calligraphy and playing Kendo in the UK,
I spoke about my experience in front of editors and producers.

This gave me a chance to get to know a lot of people,
they gave me an opportunity to hold a workshop at a very famous traditional Japanese restaurant,
by the name of ‘Kinryu’.

The Suginami Ward Office in Tokyo also asked me to show my calligraphy,
so I went there and demonstrated in front of an audience.

My friend organized the event ‘Write Letters by calligraphy on a T-shirt’
he said to me,
‘I want to have a calligraphy T-shirt!‘ like the one you helped make when you were in London.

The T-shirts company were kind to me and sold me nice T-shirts at a good price.
I wrote calligraphy on the T-shirts.

I wrote their favorite words onto the T-shirts.
Everyone was happy to see them.
One of the ladies even came to my next event wearing the T-shirt!

Since I have been back in Japan I have twice attended an important event,
in Tokyo Big Sight, once last Autumn and then this Spring.
I just went there with my calligraphy items.
The organizer had already set up everything; the wear, the shoes, and so on.

So I sat at the chair that the organizer pointed out
and I wrote our guest’s name using a small brush.
Not only Japanese but many foreigners were there and enjoyed seeing it.

After the event, the book company in Chiyoda Ward ;
in the centre of Tokyo gave me a chance to have a calligraphy class at the company.
During the opening ceremony of my class, the president congratulated us I was very impressed.

Some of my students asked me to choose their calligraphy items.
I managed to find some very nice black ink tanks for them!

I got black calligraphy ink for my friend whose name is Umekichi,
she is a Japanese traditional singer. The name; Ume means plum.
The black ink’s motif was a plum flower! so I choose it for her this made her really happy!

The pleasure of calligraphy is not only to write.
It is using well made calligraphy items
and making good friends with the people who do calligraphy with me.

I can meet many people though calligraphy this makes me very happy,
calligraphy makes me smile and gives happiness to my friends.

I think to write calligraphy is my true vocation.40630615_10067618811




Kyoto Enbu Taikai 2010

Kyoto Enbu Taikai 2010

The Kyoto Enbu Taikai is held in Kyoto Butokuden every year in early May.
Many Kendo players come from all over the world to compete.
We can see high skill Kendo players play in friendship with each other.

This year I went to Kyoto to see Mr. Salmon from UK,
and joined Mr.Chiba at his welcome party in Kyoto on 2nd May.
I attended the party with players who practiced in the UK, with the British Kendo association.
I had a good time talking and drinking with them.

3rd May. The first day of the Kendo Enbu. I saw my friends from the UK. Max,
Andy and Alex practice Kendo in Japan.
We were in front of the Butokukan, when Mr.Chiba passed by us.
They were glad to see him again.

Mr. Young came from Hong Kong, he knows Mr. Salmon well from when he played kendo in the UK.

Mr. Salmon and Mr. Young are very important people for me.
When I first went to the UK and I was thinking of starting to practice Kendo.

They said to me,

“It is sad that you have stopped playing kendo, you should start to practice again.”

These two foreign Kendo players made me think,
so, I decided to practice Kendo again. If I had not seen them,
I do not think I would have started to play Kendo again.

I was glad to see Kendo friends from the UK again and enjoyed talking with them.
I thanked them very much for allowing me to join them.

Mr. Sumi who taught us in UK, also said hello and said to me

“You will see me in the UK in summer, then…”

I saw my friend, who practiced with me in the Tokyo Budoukan,
when the UK TV came and we were filmed together for a TV program.

She noticed me and said,

”Wow!” and was excited.

We last saw each other in Nippon Budoukan in Tokyo about 3 years ago,
I had not seen her since in Tokyo.

She said “We can see each other in Kyoto! But not Tokyo.”

4th May, early in the morning, I watched the practice at Budo centre.
There were many Kendo players from foreign countries;
France, Gemany, Switzerland, Italy and the U.S.A. …
seeing so many different people It made me understand
that we can see many friends if we continue to practice.

I very appreciative to the two foreign Kendo players,
and Mr. Chiba who suggested that I go to Kyoto.

At the entrance to the Butokuden there was written

“Must bow at the entrance before enter the place.

” It made me remember my first Kendo teacher.

He taught us to bow when entering, when I started Kendo as a child.



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